Double pitched roofing

Double pitched roofing system

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    Maximum water proof performance in bad weather condition , structural neatness , wide choice of lightening and ventilation system , competitiveness. These are some of the main advantages of the most traditional of precast structure system, largely tested over more than half a century of use, covering the impressive amount of millions of square meters surface in Italy and abroad.

    With its extremely high flexibility in framework, double pitched roofing system includes wide range of major beam span and different distance between columns, one of the reason of its relevant use both for industrial factory or farm buildings.
    Major beams covers span from 8 up to 50 meters, while a large combination of moulds for secondary elements allows distance from columns from 5 to 12,50 meters, in a well proportionated ratio.

    Major Beams are available both in the full cast or reticular version, suitable for passage of installation , plant or piping.
    Waterproofing roofing system complete the structure , usually provided with alluminium panels. Lightening and ventilation can be located in the roof, in different and detailed solutions.