Circular shape system

Circular shape system

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    The concept of beauty and function in architecture are strictly connected. Here’s the idea

    that inspires every structure of Gruppo Zecca and that suits perfectly the Circular one.

    Levity and essential design of the main element offer architectural suggestion and

    technical solution that add value to the whole building. In this case framework has no

    restriction, and designer are free to choose every size in both dimensions up to 34 meter

    for main element. Skylight are located between main elements, while ceiling is made with

    PIZ cladding system.

    Main precast element is available in two different height: 90 cm for module up to 24 mt in

    lenght , and 120 cm up to 34 mt length.

    Furthermore this element has the remarkable advantage of overlapping both in storage,

    handling and transport phases and that results in valued improvement in production