Precast made for your necessities.
The production of prefabricated artifacts destinated to industrial, civil and infastructure construction industry represents the main activity of the Zecca Group. More than fifty years of exprerience together with a significant errand of rereading in a modern key of the prefabrication costruction modality, have lead the development of a complete and versatile catalogue.

Engineering works

Infrastructures and engineering works.
Gruppo Zecca builds bridges, viaducts, decks, parking, water and sewering facilities. During decades Zecca carried out projects in partnership or as General Contractor.
Precasting of bridge decks is our particular ability, with prestressed and reinforced concrete beams up to 34 mt.

Turnkey project

Only one partner, for every size projects.
Gruppo Zecca can provide a high level assistance and turnkey service: from engineering and design, process of production and building erection and finishing.
Standard or detailed projects can be accomplished by a single contractor, qualified by technical and procurement staff. An approach that optimizes resources and planning.


Maximum guarantee of endurance with the weather conditions, structural lightness and essentiality, good chance of enlightenment and ventilation.

Concrete panels

The most classic exterior finishes demands the attention to details for his perfect realization. The Zecca Group puts in the details of this artifact all his exprience of decades of civil and industrial prefabrication. With a real new equipment of production he is able to cover the biggest application sector without dimensional limits.


The cladding systems PIZ is producted with an exceptional method, certified and patented. The coupling of the two materials that make up a PIZ generates a sinergic effect. The insulating support and the external surface are linked, not sticked like one. The result is an innovative product, one of a kind, with superior performances.


The information's value, the uninterrupted task to update the process, the real ambient respect, were recognised and prize winning: the company obtained important certifications that symbolize the constant research of a high quality service which move up and read into clients desire and the most modern market requests.

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